Our Employees


Mathew Ortega

Murrindindi Ranges Wildlife Shelter

The Murrindindi Ranges Wildlife Shelter Inc. is a Victorian rescue and rehabilitation charity for native species of Australian Fauna. Operated by the founder Kate who is one of the most passionate rescuers I know. She puts in an incredible amount of effort to keep the shelter open for as many animals as she can and will work all hours of the night and morning for call outs to injured animals.

With rapid urbanization occurring all over Victoria I believe it is very important to support native animals affected by human impacts.

Thank you for all that you do.


Judith O'Reilly

Cottage by the Sea Queenscliff

Cottage by the Sea Queenscliff provides short term care within a holiday environment for children in need. The purpose of the school camps and family respite holidays which are run by their professional staff,  are designed to create positive childhood memories in a happy and healthy environment . As a self-funded children’s charity they rely on community support – this donation from Turosi Giving will contribute to programs enhancing the lives of more children.


Micahel Pisasale

headspace Collingwood

My wife and I started to help @Headspacecollingwood gain sponsors and the running the food stalls for their annual football day. The thought of vulnerable clients having to wait for services such as this at this time reminded me of our experience and how lucky we were to have help available when required.


Mark Cleal


I first learned of Beddown from a news or current affairs program and was moved by the help being offered. Not only do Beddown provide a safe and comfortable space to sleep to those sleeping rough, they also arrange for healthcare, clothes cleaning and showers with Orange Sky, and so much more. Homelessness is a major issue right across the country and Beddown are just one of the charities making things a little better.


Christine Eldaief

National Homeless Collective

Covid-19 has seen an increase in the demands placed on community charities. Non more than the National Homeless Collection. They kept popping up on my socials and I recognised the directors as they attended my church. I actually bumped into Glenn (Director) a few months ago and he explained that they had sadly seen a rise in the number of domestic violence cases as a result of Covid.

I believe that National Homeless Collection is an amazing charity and will benefit greatly from the awareness we can bring and the contribution we can make. We stand beside you Glenn. Together we can make a difference.



life’s little treasures foundation

I chose Life’s Little Treasures because I want to help continue the work they do for parents and families of premature and sick babies. I myself received their support when our Evelyn was in hospital for four months. The gifts and support these families receive make a huge impact during one of the most scariest and hardest times  you can face when delivering a sick or preemie baby. Thank you for all you do.


Kandida Robertson

RBWH Foundation

I chose NeoRESQ services because what they do is truly amazing. The service transports premature or critically ill babies to life saving treatment and speaking from experience, it is such a stressful and traumatic time for any expecting parent to deliver a baby before it’s due date. The tremendous support and kindness they show to parents in this difficult time is truly incredible. Our entire family can’t thank you enough.


Anthony Foord


10 Charities in 10 Weeks in Celebration of 10 Years of Giving. #hellohurricanefoundation exists to create strong, resilient, capable healthy young people through schools and sporting clubs across the Geelong region. As Hello Hurricane “weathers the storm” of lockdowns, this donation from Turosi Giving will ensure programs are continued to be delivered once restrictions are lifted.” Thank you for all that you do. Nominated by Anthony Foord.


Marcella Buitendijk


By giving I hope to put a smile on a person’s face, even if it’s just for a moment. Of all the medicines in the world, a smile is by far the best medicine.

They say it takes a village to raise a family so no young person should have to go through this alone. I care. As do many others. I hope they take some comfort in this knowledge and that it helps with the healing process. Together, everything is possible.


Giuseppe (Joe) Caminiti


Donating to Amaze is important to me as we love someone with Autism. With an increase in numbers of children, teens and adults being diagnosed on the Autism spectrum every day, Amaze provides families with support, guidance and resources as well as being an advocate of Autism acceptance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Turosi Giving Vision?

Our Vision is an organisation where ‘giving’ is firmly embedded into its culture.

What is the Turosi Giving Mission?

Our Mission is to present opportunities to our employees through which they can actively contribute towards and to inspire others to take part in charitable activations which not only benefit others but enrich their own lives in the process.

What events does Turosi Giving undertake?

The organisation plans to carry out a range of signature events each year. These events are designed to engage key stakeholders associated with the company such as sponsors, employees, business partners, and local community groups.

How do Employees participate?

Turosi encourages employees to participate in the Volunteering Program by offering two days paid leave per year to be used for the purpose of volunteering with a not-for-profit organisation of their choice. To encourage employee participation, short term volunteer positions are sourced from within our existing networks of approved charities.

What is the Gala Ball?

This, our signature fundraising event has become a greatly anticipated fixture on many calendars. With your help over the years, Turosi Giving has distributed more than $1million to those in need. At Turosi we are extremely privileged to have business partners and friends, who share our vision and desire to make a difference to those who are less fortunate.